Welcome. My name is Krista. I started this blog because I want to become a better writer for freelance projects. I’m a wife and a mother to 5 children and I live in a state that is considered a “desert.” When I was young, I could not understand why it was called a desert state we still had trees and green around us, that is until I started traveling. My eyes were opened. I love to discover and explore new places. I rarely like to return to the same place I’ve been because it’s more fun to explore somewhere new. My family also loves to visit new places and are up for my crazy itineraries, most of the time. At home we have lots of animals including a bird, a dog, bunny and lots and lots of chickens. You could say we like eggs around here.

I love to share tips and tricks that I myself or we as a family have learned as we go.

I hope something can spark some interest or learning as you go too.

Thanks for reading.

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