Tetons—A favorite camping adventure

Tetons—A favorite camping adventure

Here are some tips you can learn from us if you ever decide visit. We loved exploring the Tetons and Yellowstone in one family trip, but I’ll just talk Tetons here.

Some people may think tent camping with 5 kids ranging from ages two to ten sounds terrible. 

Well, it is.  

No, really, it isn’t.

My kids don’t remember lots of rain on our camping trip, I smile at this because we truly got some good ones. Daily rainstorms (sometimes at night,) complete with lightning and a few wet sleeping bags, and I’ll be honest, a couple times I thought I was crazy. However, I’m here to tell you this trip holds some very fond and funny memories. Just remember to bring an umbrella and a rain covering for your tent! It’s all about the adventure.

If you get a little rain, just be patient. This picture was taken 20-25 minutes before the following picture. We witnessed this multiple times on our trip.
Hello Tetons in the sunshine!

Instead of hitting up what we did every day, I’ll just give you the highlights we enjoyed there and the don’t do things, so you can be smarter than we were. 

In July, we packed our minivan to the hilt with too much stuff and 5 kids ages, 2, 4, 5, 9 &10, for our 5-day adventure. 

String Lake

Favorite Place—String Lake—Breathtakingly beautiful. There were tons of people crowded around the parking lot area of the lake, but (tip) if you hike up the river about 20 minutes, we found ourselves practically alone enjoying the lake and the majestic Tetons in perfect view. We brought a couple chairs, a picnic, and some life jackets and let the kids loose. Our kids took turns venturing out in the frigid glacial water and playing on the beach where it was nice and sandy. We also brought a picnic lunch with our backpacks so we could spend a couple hours there.

Camping—First off, if I could do this trip again I’d camp at the Tetons for three days and Yellowstone for two. We did it opposite. It wasn’t the plan, but we got a late start and arrived late afternoon to Colter campground. Colter is a great campground and close to Jackson Lake, but know that this campground is first come first serve campground, which can be super frustrating for someone like me who likes a good ol’fashion reservation. Surprisingly so many of the campgrounds in Tetons and Yellowstone are first come first serve.)  So my recommendation, is get there early, like 8-10 AM early. Our first day we didn’t get there early and had to camp in a random meadow that a camp host let us stay in because his campground was full too.

Mini happy campers

If you want to check out more campgrounds, I found Dirt in my Shoes post super helpful.

Hike—Jenny Lake & Hidden Falls

Taking the boat over and back on Jenny Lake was beautiful. There is a 1-mile roundtrip hike to the waterfall, which is very touristy, but a must. The hike is also not that hard going around the lake. You may want to take a one-way boat over and hike back or vice versa.

Hidden Falls by Jenny Lake

It’s really beautiful out there. I hope you enjoy Tetons as much as we did. I would go back again, which is saying something, because usually I like to try new adventures.

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